Our Vision

To champion and help fulfil the recommendations as laid out under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security,  and its subsequent resolutions by helping nation-states establish the necessary processes and framework including an active and living national action plan. This will, in turn, fulfil our vision of bringing women to every decision table where they rightfully belong.  


Our Mission

We stand shoulder to shoulder as humans: with men, fellow women, and all genders inclusive:

To Recognise the brave individuals, especially women, who are at the helm as leaders, mentors, and supporters, and to appreciate their efforts during this pandemic or any other crisis

To Observe, Study, and Identify missed opportunities in crisis response and help smooth the unintended consequences of purposive social actions during such crises

To Aid and Collaborate with our communities and encourage public-private partnerships to maximise help rendered to people in need

To Join hands in Response, Recovery, and Reconstruction efforts of our societies with emphasis on women and children

To ensure no one is left behind, particularly women and children

Finally, to help each other survive any crisis and emerger stronger than before - together than alone


Who we are

We are a team of volunteers who share a passion for serving our communities, for the causes we care about. We do this by breaking down siloes and collaborating with other organisations who align with our mission and values. 

As a principle, we do not accept investments in monetary form and depend solely on revenues from grants, charity, and sale proceeds from our services. 

We take pride in our employees formed of volunteers, interns, apprentices, experts, and our core teams that deliver the services we offer. 

Our collaborator networks provide mutual services without the redundancy in recreating services that could otherwise be easily complemented by another service provider.  

The communities we serve are our customers and our clients. We enable them to become prosumers so they can, in turn, serve others who need our help. 

We are a globally situated, locally distributed team of volunteers providing both on-the-ground and virtual services.

We do this by gaining situational awareness by studying and addressing local needs, both, bottom-up and top-down. 


Our Collaborators

Our collaborators mean everything to us! We join hands to provide maximum benefit to the people who need those services. We amplify each other's mission by lifting each other up!

Volunteer with us!

We cannot achieve our mission's goals without your help! Volunteers are an indispensable part of our organisation and our network!

Apply to become a part of our Collaborator Network!

Do you have a service you would like to provide? Do you align with our mission and goals? Let us join hands!

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